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Features & Application

▪ Separated windings for minimum interwinding capacitance

▪ Single layer windings for highest common mode impedance over the widest frequency range

▪ OR wound on nylon casing to protect windings

▪ Spacer provides 1-3mm creepage distance for UL, CSA, IEC compliance

▪ All materials used are UL94-VO recognized

▪ Operating temperature: 40 to +105. Suitable for 50Hz to 500 KHz

▪ Available in either vertical or horizontal mount

▪ Application includes power line filtering, EMI/REI for switch mode power supplies

▪ Available in vertical header mount for ease in PCB assembly

▪ Easy FR-4 board mounting Good vibration resistance


Производители трансформатор
китайские греющие змеевики
силовые индукторы
трансформаторы тока

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