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RSS — On arrival Vietnam at your destination airport, you will see visa issuing office located in front of passport control counter. If you land in airport in Hanoi city, you will see “Visa Upon Arrival” office in old terminal or “Visa Application” in new terminal. “Visa Upon Arrival” office in Hano…
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — The printout of the approval letter and other requisite documents like passport and two photos are all that is then required for you to proceed to Vietnam. Only arrivals by air are as of now subject to the visa on arrival scheme, so other means of transport needs to be sorted out in a different way.
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — In recent times there's been a lot of tourist activity in Vietnam owing to opening up of their country after the war. Although Vietnam established embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel but not all travelers can visiting and queuing at the embassy for applying visa there, and Vietnam visa on arrival facility f…
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Vietnam strongly emerged as a hot tourist destination in recent times. With a growing number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad for vacations, Vietnam offers visa on arrival facility to facilitate an even greater flow of Chinese tourists to the country
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Recently there's been a huge influx in the number of people and citizens from Taiwan opting to visit Vietnam. Common cultural heritage is what binds the regions together and thus the need to visit and observe the culture of other nations and in this case Vietnam. Vietnam has reciprocated and has mad…
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Vietnam is one of the best tourist hotspots, its picturesque beaches and the interwoven remarkable vibrant culture which is thousands of years old is a titillating prospect for any adventurer worth his salt!
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Traveling to Vietnam as with any other nation, mandates you to bear the visa of Vietnam along with your passport unless of course if your country has been specifically exempted which is not the case with Sri ortunately, Sri Lanka does have a bilateral agreement with Vietnam on the issue of Visa on A…
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Vietnam in recent times has made quite a name for itself by opening up the country for foreign tourists. It has also become a favorite destination for visitors from Japan. Luckily, Japanese passport holders are not required visa for entering to visit Vietnam if staying less than 15 days. If you want…
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Vietnam embassies have been established in more than 50 countries around the world. Applying for a visa with an Austrian Passport is quite a straight forward and streamlined process. For the citizens of Austria there are 3 different ways in which they can apply for a visa of Vietnam.
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123 — Vietnam has recently emerged as a tourist hotspot in the world. This resulted in a lot of tourists including those from United Arab Emirates - UAE flocking to Vietnam
712 ngày trước · 0 ý kiến · Từ vntravel123
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